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Dive into the AI Toolbox: 28 Free Tools to Supercharge Your Creativity


Dive into the AI Toolbox: 28 Free Tools to Supercharge Your Creativity
Dive into the AI Toolbox 

This presentation unlocked a treasure trove of 28 amazing AI tools, all waiting to be explored without breaking the bank! Let's delve deeper into each one and unleash their potential:

1. Chat GPT (OpenAI): Your personal wordsmith and brainstorming buddy. Chat GPT spins captivating stories, drafts creative content, and answers your questions like a champ.

2. Bard (Google AI): Research and summarize like a pro! Bard taps into Google Search's vast knowledge to condense complex information into bite-sized summaries.

3. Claude (Anthropic): Conquering mountains of text is Claude's forte. This AI whiz effortlessly digests up to 200,000 tokens, leaving you with clear and concise summaries.

4. Perplexity (Chrome extension): Forget endless scrolling! Perplexity extracts key information from any webpage, saving you precious time and mental energy.

5. Text Effects: Stuck for the perfect word? Text Effects comes to the rescue! Find synonyms, generate catchy headlines, and even invent clever acronyms.

6. HubSpot Academy Course - AI for Marketers: Level up your marketing game with this free course. Learn how to leverage AI for better targeting, personalization, and campaign optimization.

7. Playground AI: Unleash your inner artist! Playground AI transforms your wildest imaginations into stunning AI-generated images.

8. Magic Eraser: Banish unwanted objects from your photos with a click! Magic Eraser works its magic, leaving you with flawless, distraction-free images.

9. 3D Labs: Have a real-world object you adore? 3D Labs scans it and brings it to life as a 3D model, ready for printing, animation, or virtual worlds.

10. Genie: Let your words paint a picture! Genie weaves your text prompts into vibrant 3D objects, turning words into tangible creations.

11. Pika: Storyteller, meet your AI partner! Pika translates your text prompts into captivating videos, bringing your narratives to life.

12. Adobe Speech Enhancer: Turn muddy audio into crystal-clear sound. Adobe Speech Enhancer magically removes background noise and enhances voices, making your recordings shine.

13. Mubert: Compose like Mozart with AI! Mubert generates unique music tracks that adapt to your mood and preferences, fueling your creativity.

14. Hilarious meme songs, anyone? lets you morph your voice into different characters, adding a hilarious twist to your audio creations.

15. Isolate the music! strips away vocals from any song, leaving you with the instrumental track for karaoke nights or creative remixes.

16. AudioBox (Meta): Sound effects, jingles, and more! AudioBox is your personal sonic playground, generating diverse audio elements to enrich your projects.

17. Pinocchio (browser): Open-source AI made easy! Pinocchio streamlines the installation and use of open-source AI tools, eliminating technical hurdles and opening up a world of possibilities.

Beyond the Tools:

The presentation didn't end there! Remember to explore the speaker's website, "Future Tools," for a curated selection of the latest and most exciting AI tools. And for a weekly dose of AI inspiration, sign up for their newsletter – it's like having a personal AI guru in your inbox!

With these incredible resources at your fingertips, the only limit is your imagination. So, dive in, experiment, and let AI tools ignite your creativity and take your projects to the next level!

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